Old Town Triangle Green Home  |  Chicago

Because the existing home, a small farmhouse c. 1873, was located in a historic district of Chicago, a complete tear down was not an option. However, the owner wanted to completely gut the interior and add a rear addition that would significantly alter the layout. 

The owner wished to have distinct themes throughout the interior that clearly reflected each area’s specific use: a great gathering space towards the front which would meld the few remaining traditional details with more modern elements; a very clean lined stainless steel, glass, natural wood and stone kitchen; a flowing organic master bedroom suite, and his and her personal spaces in the lower level. 

The curved ceiling in the master bedroom takes advantage of the ‘Venturi’ effect, speeding up warm air as it enters a constricted area. When the remote skylights are open, the warm air is naturally exhausted out utilizing this technique. The subtlety curved drywall at the skylights also helps to diffuse the natural light, helping to create a tranquil interior space. 

Interior, Kitchen, Bathroom design and exterior garden/courtyard design coordinated with Green Interiors, LTD


Bamboo, Idaho quartz stone and cork flooring

Natural ventilation and daylighting

High efficiency A/C system

Radiant floor heating