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Net Zero Energy Design…and Beyond!

Do You Have 2030 Commitment Issues?

Interview from Positive Energy, Dec 7, 2018

To support the 2030 Challenge, the American Institute of Architects created the 2030 Commitment Program, aimed at transforming the practice of architecture to respond to the climate crisis in a way that is holistic, firm-wide, project-based, and data-driven. Over 400 A/E/P firms have adopted the 2030 Commitment, and firms from all over the country have been tracking and reporting projects since 2010, with over 2.7 billion ft2 of project work reported in 2016 alone. Join Kristof as he interviews Nathan Kipnis of Kipnis Architecture + Planning as they discuss the 2030 Commitment and all topics in-between.
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California Mandates Solar Energy For New Homes

Worldview Radio Interview, Steve Bynum, May 22, 2018

We get the story from Dan Gearino, a writer for Inside Climate News. His latest article is, “In a First, California Requires Solar Panels for New Homes. Will Other States Follow?” Illinois is one of the more aggressive states in pursuing sustainable and renewable energy. We talk with Nate Kipnis, founder and principal of the Evanston-based firm Kipnis Architecture and Planning. He tells us what would it take to make such a law happen in Illinois.
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This week on Mighty House with Ron Cowgill

Radio Interview, 29 July 2017

Nathan Kipnis NextHaus - Nathan is one of the founding members of NextHaus Alliance. He's going to discuss Resilient Design principles. Planning for a changing world with an eye on renewables and reducing the carbon footprint.


Green Giants - Oct 2016

Interview for Green Giants Film

Nathan Kipnis’ architectural work has been widely published both locally and nationally. He has received several awards and distinctions including being honored with a 2011 Green Award from Chicago Magazine, having his design built for the ‘Green Homes for Chicago’ international design competition and having his Sturgeon Bay Vacation Home being awarded ‘Home of the Decade’ from Natural Home Magazine.

 Watch the trailer video and then learn more at Green Giants


Vectorworks Feature - March 2015

Bringing Style to the World of Environmental Sustainability

Nathan Kipnis recalls his journey to the forefront of green design. Watch the video and then learn more at Vectorworks here


Vectorworks Feature - March 2015

Success Story: Nathan Kipnis & CraftJack

Nathan Kipnis, founder and principal of Kipnis Architecture + Planning, connects sustainability strategies with engaging design in this office space for CraftJack, a home improvement customer service company. Read more about Kipnis' dedication to energy efficiency in this in-depth case study.


AIA+2030 Online Series Course 1: The 2030 Challenge: Goals and Design Processes

AIA Continuing Education

AIA+2030 Instructor Nathan Kipnis talks about the sustainable design process for the 2030 Online Course. This series was developed to inspire architects to meet the 2030 Challenge through design strategies, efficient technologies and systems, and applying renewable energy resources. The full course is available here.


2015 AIAU ‘Energy Modeling for All: 2030 Commitment for Small Firms

This seminar by Nathan Kipnis, will provide a concise and easy-to-follow outline of what the 2030 Commitment is all about from a small firm point of view. The highlight of the presentation will be a live demonstration of an easy- to-use and free residential energy modeling software package that will show how to quickly calculate a design’s Energy Use Intensity. This allows for critical feedback during the design phase to maximize your ability to reduce a building’s energy use and greenhouse gas creation.


WBEZ Worldview: Annual Earth Day Quiz 2015

For WBEZ Worldview’s annual Earth Day Quiz. Nathan Kipnis joined Jerome and a panel of experts to answer listeners questions on a variety of environmental topics. 


Chicago Magazine Green Awards 2011

Video from the 2011 Chicago Magazine Green Awards featuring Nathan Kipnis' sustainable architectural design work. Full video article here


Fox TV Wind Farm Interview 2010

Fox TV Chicago interview of Nathan Kipnis about the proposed Evanston offshore wind farm. The interview was on April 13, 2010.


Natural Home Sturgeon Bay 2008

Interview of Nathan Kipnis by Robyn Griggs Lawrence from Natural Home Magazine about the green vacation home designed in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

WBEZ Worldview Interview 2008

WBEZ's Worldview radio program interview by host Jerome McDonnell of Nathan Kipnis about the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair in Custer, Wisconsin. The interview was done on June 17, 2008