CraftJack Offices  |  Evanston

The office buildout for this start up internet based company focused on residential building construction focused on creating a ‘village’ with an ‘outdoor courtyard’ in the middle. Offices, a conference room and a call center form one side of the village, with each space articulated as its own building. The conference room is the ‘garage’, as legend holds that all start ups originate in a garage. Complete with an overhead coiling garage door, sheathed in corrugated aluminum siding and capped with an iconic 1930’s motoring logo, the conference room has the flexibility to be opened up for large meetings or closed off for privacy.

The center of the space is for the open programming stations. Collaborative seating is available throughout, including seating atop of the file cabinets and separate Adirondack chair groups. Overhead, a series of undulating colored ceiling elements form a ‘sky’. The entry sequence into the space passes through the phases of construction, starting with planning, rough framing, lath, rough plaster and finally passing a finished doorway.


2015 Design Evanston Award


NEST thermostat

Reclaimed, local wood

Cement fiberboard siding

Commercial grade Solatube

Metal siding with recycled content

Recycled and recyclable office furniture

Low and no-VOC materials and finishes

LED controlled lighting (two step dimming)

Recycled and recyclable modular carpet tiles

Green program for recycling and Energy Star equipment

Photos by ©2017 Wayne Cable