Oh Yes! Chicago  |  Navy Pier, Chicago

This retail store, situated in a prime location at Chicago’s Navy Pier, combines two existing stores into one larger facility. Thematically the design is based on Chicago architectural elements; chief amongst them is the entry to the store, modeled after the original Chicago Stock Exchange entrance. The entry arch and surround, set off at 45º from the main floor plan, is made of limestone and tinted glass. Within the store, the angled entry terminates into an octagonal feature display area. Located around the upper section of the display walls are storage cabinets with dramatic skyline images of Chicago. 

The triangular area east of the entry houses ‘Dog-E-Works’, a dog treat and accessory store. Access to Dog-E-Works from the main store is through a caricature of a doghouse.


Low-VOC finishes

Recycled content tile

Recycled content ceiling tile

Plastic laminate made with sustainable production practice