Evanston Paper Company  |  Evanston

When this building was purchased by Evanston Paper Company, the buildings' condition and layout required a complete gut rehab. The existing staircase was rebuilt and pushed out to the rear wall, allowing for a dramatic window to be placed on axis with the stair and the front entry. The main hallway leads to a skylit rotunda defining the entries to the principal’s offices. The terminus through the rotunda focuses a view toward a special painting, illuminated by a framing projector light. The basement contains additional offices, the main kitchen, a full workout facility, and various storage spaces.

Exterior cladding is comprised of cement fiberboard panels, framed with aluminum reveal joints. Metal clad white pilasters and new clear finished aluminum windows create a rhythm down the length the building, while an arched white metal canopy clearly defines the entry.


Design Evanston Award


Cement fiberboard panel siding

Foam board insulation

Natural daylighting