Historic Home Restoration and Addition |  Evanston

  • Received Illinois Historic Preservation Certificate of Rehabilitation
  • 2003 City of Evanston Preservation Award

This project entailed both a historic gut renovation and a significant addition that followed the language of the original. Originally built in 1899, the house was in dismal condition when the current owners purchased it. The design goal was to bring the house back to its pre WWII look. Aluminum siding was removed and replaced with new cedar siding to match the original; the original windows were restored or were replaced with new to match the existing windows details; the new roof overhangs used the same brackets found elsewhere on the home; and cedar roofing was used in conjunction with copper gutters and downspouts. Interior detailing was either painstaking rebuilt, such as the window hardware, or was accurately matched such as for the trim, paint colors, and door styles.

The addition included an enlarged kitchen, a new family room, a powder room and a mudroom on the first floor, and a master bedroom suite on the second floor.