Mid Century Modern Green Home |  Glencoe

This project is a significant renovation of a classic, modern 1956 residence, with the addition of a new wing. The original home’s design had a clear interior/exterior relationship through the use of expansive glazing and brick masses that punctured the building shell from the exterior into the interior. This theme was broadened in the redesign at several key details. 

A new “teenager suite” was located above the newly rebuilt garage. The connection of this new space to the main house was achieved via an architectural masonry stair tower formed with ground face concrete block. Accented by glass block openings, these openings provide filtered daylight inside the tower and dramatic nighttime lighting shining outward. Terminating the top of the stair is a circular domed skylight. The stair tower is a carefully integrated continuation of the existing first floor serpentine brick wall. 

The exterior was re-clad with vertically oriented cement fiberboard framed between contrasting white reveals, whose horizontal joints subtly tag key exterior elements of the house. A new overhang with copper rain chains at the entrance provide additional detailing to help define the entry. The new addition provided an opportunity for a new sustainable system of PV and thermal panels integrated with the new building envelope.


Complete insulation retrofit with spray foam and rockwool insulation

Retroplate concrete flooring in new basement

Roof mounted solar PV and thermal panels

Sustainable Bamboo flooring and stairs at addition

High efficiency mechanical system

Cement fiberboard siding

Photos by ©2017 Wayne Cable