PV Integrated Home | Glenview

  • HERS/Energy Star 5+

This project is a high-end green home in a suburban setting. The home features an open floor plan in a 'U' shape configuration that wraps around a protected, landscaped courtyard. Forming one leg of the 'U' is an octagonal yoga studio, topped with a corresponding octagonal skylight. Surrounding the yoga studio is a water filled moat with black river rocks in the bottom, stocked with Koi fish. Flat stone bridges give the allusion of walking on water across the moat. Rain chains provide an organic path for rainwater to empty into the moat.


2.5 KW photovoltaic system: Grid tied + battery backup system to power selected elements of the house during a power outage.

Artwork made of recycled materials including construction waste

Closed cell/dense cellulose perimeter insulation

Extensive low V.O.C. adhesives and finishes

Area rugs made from recycled rugs

FSC lumber and bamboo flooring

HRV air-to-air heat exchangers

Geothermal HVAC system

Zoned radiant floors