Eco Home | Kalamazoo, Michigan

Located on sixty three forested acres, this project is an example of green self-sufficient living. This ranch home's orientation is optimized for solar control. A center two-story space is the pivot point for the homes flow, a natural daylighting atrium and the source of the homes natural ventilation. 

The homeowners wish to show interested people how to live greener by example; living in a highly walkable community, dwelling in high efficiency housing, enjoying site grown and locally produced food, and using efficient transportation. They have the potential to subdivide the site into a series of buildable lots to create their own eco development.


Prewired and preplumbed for future solar PV and solar thermal panels

‘Finnish’ counterflow high mass fireplace with integral stove

Extensive low V.O.C. adhesives and finishes

Soy based foam perimeter insulation

HRV air-to-air heat exchangers

Natural stack effect ventilation

Cement fiberboard siding

Water tube thermal mass

Zoned radiant floors