LEED Platinum Home | Evanston

  • LEED Platinum Designation

This LEED Platinum home is all-electric, set up for aging in-place as well as having a minimal environmental footprint, and is located in a great walkable community. It is situated on the owner's original double lot. The two existing 1950's era homes were carefully deconstructed for material recycling. Reclaimed materials from many local sources were used in the new home included vintage scalloped wall paneling, a vintage cast iron tub and laundry sink. Nearly all of the new construction material was USA made.

While larger than the neighboring homes, its massing is split into two primary elements that relate to the neighborhood's scale and rhythm. These two masses are joined by a butterfly roof formed from a series of curved glulams, which logically define the interior spaces.

Aging in-place strategies were incorporated such as single floor living, flush floors, a lap pool for fitness, blocking for future grab bars, and wide clearances at doors and hallways. A guest suite doubles as a future care givers space.

For resiliency, a battery back up system, powered by a 7.2kW solar array, is pre-wired to supply critical loads during outages. The entire roof has 'Ice and Water Shield' in case of high wind roof damage. Oversized gutters and downspouts handle potential extreme storms. 

The landscaping utilizes native plantings and is designed to retain 100% of the stormwater on site via rain gardens, bioswales, permeable pavers and Cultec rechargers. A 2’ perimeter river rock band serves as a pest management strip.


2018 - LEED Platinum Designation (1st LEED Platinum home in Evanston)


All Electric Home

Deconstructed Demolition

Reclaimed Materials

All LED lighting

Permeable yard paving

Solar photovoltaic panels

Passive whole house ventilation

Low and no-VOC materials and finishes

Native and low maintenance landscaping

Siding made of Flyash Coal byproduct

Rain barrel water collection system

On track for LEED Platinum certification

Garage wired for electric car recharging station

Integrated app controlled ultra high efficiency HVAC systems

Significant locally sourced and/or recycled content materials throughout