Green Luxury Home | Arlington Heights, Illinois

  • HERS/Energy Star 5+ (44 score)

This classically proportioned home's design combines a number of green techniques and technologies to reduce its energy usage and associated carbon footprint. The key design element is the use of a three-story stair tower that acts as a ventilation shaft when the remote controlled skylights at the top are opened. The open floor plan on the first floor provides great 'flow'.

Located down a hallway between the stairs is an octagonal office, complete with a separate client entry. The backyard has a remotely operable screened porch that provides insect control. Opposite of the porch is an outdoor kitchen.


Solar thermal panels with hot water and HVAC assist

Mechanically assisted whole house ventilation

Integrated roll down screens at covered porch

Low and no-VOC finishes and materials

Closed-cell foam insulation system

Recycled tire decking material

Recycled content countertops

Zoned radiant floor system

Cement fiberboard siding

Air-to-air heat exchanger

Natural ventilation

Photos by ©2017 Wayne Cable