Eco Developments  |  Vulcan and La Pintada, Panama

Located 8º north of the equator, these two proposed master plans are for future, mixed-use communities in starkly different locations. Vulcan is located at the base of a dormant volcano at the western side of Panama, while La Pintada is located in a mountainous region located between Vulcan and Panama City. The plans were designed in response to these radically unique topographies. Vulcan’s gently sloping terrain allowed the views to be optimized towards the volcano. La Pintada’s steep building sites required careful consideration of the road slopes combined with selected vistas to the surrounding mountain ranges. 

Both plans incorporated a range of highly efficient, regionally influenced designs incorporated into single family home designs, a smaller scale condo building, a local retail store and a gourmet restaurant. Linking the site is a series of outdoor activity spots connected by a continuous walking trail.


Community scaled wind turbines

Sheltered/shaded outdoor spaces

Site funneled natural ventilation strategy

Optional PV panels on individual residences

Climatically influenced regional design aesthetic

Natural daylighting: sun is nearly always overhead

Locally produced and processed building materials

Selected mechanically conditioned spaces in residences