Lalos Mexican Restaurant RFP Design  |  Midway International Airport, Chicago

The design of Lalo's Mexican Restaurant reflects the vibrant culture of Mexico. A wood post and beam structure, accented with detailed tails, also houses the rolling security screens. The food court standard overhang is transformed using large tin crown material. For the ordering counter fronts, broken ceramic tiles are used for a mosaic design. Bold colors are found on the soffits and back wall, and the menu boards are framed with tin surrounds, capped with a tin cornice. Helping to better define the space, Spanish tile is out into the food court area.


Water efficient fixtures

LED lighting in the main space

High efficiency cooking equipment

Fluorescent lighting in Kitchen/BOH

Locally sourced meats and vegetables

Air filtration media is rated at 13 MERV

Composite wood are urea-formaldehyde free

Low VOC adhesives, sealants, paintings and coatings

Properly sized and designed kitchen exhaust hood with economizer cycle

Green cleaning supplies are stored in a fully gasketed closet with controlled ventilation