Au Bon Pain  |  George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston

At IAH, the Au Bon Pain location was a stand alone concept set in a high traffic area within Terminal B. The first 1/4 of the cafe is under a standard height ceiling, while the remaining area is within a double height space. 

The flow into the space was from two areas - through two grab and go cases set up as an architectural gateway, and from the open side area along the main walkway. Color coded elements help to visually organize the space, and a simple, centrally located trellis denotes the soup and coffee/drink stations while scaling of the high ceiling down to a pedestrian level.


Water efficient fixtures

Efficient waste management

LED lighting in the main space

High efficiency cooking equipment

Fluorescent lighting in Kitchen/BOH

Composite wood are urea-formaldehyde free

Low VOC adhesives, sealants, paintings and coatings

Green cleaning supplies are stored in a fully gasketed closet with controlled ventilation