Terminal 5 Food Court Design  |  O'Hare International Airport, Chicago

The proposed layout for the food court corrected a number of issues with the existing layout, which has the food court located on the 'land side'. The food court is a 'marche' styled layout, capable of transforming its look and menu in a very short period of time to handle the various waves of region specific flight arrivals. A single BOH supports the large mix of offerings. 

A wide variety of menu choices provides a marked contrast the very limited options perviously available in the old food court.


Roof mounted solar thermal panels to produce process hot water for various restaurant venues

Green cleaning supplies are stored in a fully gasketed closet with controlled ventilation

Efficient fluorescent and LED lighting controlled to available natural daylighting levels

Low emitting green materials and low V.O.C. finishes

Carefully designed restaurant make up air system

Highly efficient restaurant equipment

Green 'REC' power purchase offsets

Water Sense plumbing fixtures

Recycling waste collection

Recycled paper products