Mattitos  |  Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Mattito's is a local Tex-Mex dinner that seeks to bring a funky retro feel into a fun and vibrant 'hang out' space. 

Bright colors are used on the bar front and back wall in the form of segments of abstracted painted murals and back lit recycled glass bottle wall areas. Inexpensive but durable and attractive stained concrete flooring is used in the main area, accented with reclaimed wood trim, doors and the bar top. The dining area out along the main concourse is defined by a modern railing system with translucent versions of the painted murals. Super graphics of the colorful and appetizing food are used to create a rhythmic backdrop.


Water efficient fixtures

Efficient waste management

LED lighting in the main space

High efficiency cooking equipment

Fluorescent lighting in Kitchen/BOH

Composite wood are urea-formaldehyde free

Low VOC adhesives, sealants, paintings and coatings

Green cleaning supplies are stored in a fully gasketed closet with controlled ventilation