Michael T. Kudo

Junior Arch. Intern/ 3D Coordinator

Bachelor of Architecture - 2013
Illinois Institute of Technology

Mr. Kudo contributes his specialization in 3D modeling, architectural rendering, photography, and graphics. He has lead photoshop tutorials on Architectural Hybrid drawings at IIT and UWM. 


I’m constantly making new stations on pandora/searching for more music so I’m just gonna pick the albums I’ve listened to the most this year.

Like Clockwork | Queens of the Stone age - They ripped my soul out and smeared in a desert wasteland. Josh Homme near death experience is so clearly distinct in this album. Its almost sad how dark this went but I love it more for doing so. Favorite illustrator Facebones did the illust and the music video art. They were perfect live for the album. Top Hit: I appear missing | If i had a tail

Once More Around the Sun | Mastodon - Full of passion. I like music were lyrics are equal to guitar/drums. Also i found out live all 4 of them sing extremely well. The guitar is beyond inspirational. Top Hit: Motherload

The Satanist | Behemoth - Also a passionate group with all 4 members singing unbelievably. Also found this out live. Also Inspirational lead guitarist. Completely different emotional content. I know satanic death metal isn’t for everyone but this would be the album with the most accessibility. Top Hit: The Satanist

Dethalbum III | Dethklok - Melodic death metal at its finest, out of a comedy animated band. Each of their albums builds on top of each other. This is the true epitome of emotional content triumph over lyrical content. For me anyway. Top Hit: Skyhunter

Comedown Machine | Strokes - Not the direction people wanted them to go in, but a melancholy cynical atmosphere. I covered this on my only youtube video, played a lot lower. I feel its would be a great acoustic album as well. I always learn to cover whatever julious casablancas comes out with, this or even instant crush via Daft punk. Top Hit: One way trigger | Welcome to Japan

Gundam Unicorn 4th OST- Hiroyuki Sawano - I actual get a lot of work done listening to this.

Honorable Mentions :

Transistor Soundtrack

From Mars to Sirius | Gojira

Trainwreck 1979 | Death from above 1979