Dan Contreras, LEED GA

Project Manager/Technology Coordinator

Bachelors in Architecture - 2002
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago 

In addition to his project management skills, Mr. Contreras is highly skilled in the creation of computer-generated imaging. Still images, three-dimensional walkthroughs, and Quicktime Virtual Reality (QTVR) studies all provide clients and other interested parties with accurate views of the planned architectural project.


I was never one to just play one particular song at a time, let alone have a particular favorite song. Instead, I find that entire albums remind me of specific times or inspire specific feelings. I still find myself listening to particular albums in their entirety, all while anticipating the next track. In no particular order, here is a list of ten of my favorite albums at the moment.

Anniemal - Annie This is one of my guilty pleasures of pop songs with a unique twist. Unlike the usually dull output from the mainstream performers, this is actually well done and doesn’t fade out with an indifferent feeling. I usually pop this one in when I feel like chewing gum.

Since I Left You - The Avalanches After years of play, this still is in my daily rotation. With over nine hundred samples, each listen exposes a new sound or sample previously overlooked. This is an orchestra of eclectic snippets that will certainly stay another season.

Paul's Boutique - Beastie Boys This is an instant classic and ultimate party soundtrack. It certainly says something when other DJs sample this album in a futile attempt to mimic there pioneering sound. This certainly surpasses the 3-minute rule of not becoming outdated.

Telegram - Björk One of my favorite remixes of an already great album. I remember falling asleep to her hypnotic voice numerous times as her tracks flowed out of my headphones and into my head.

Be - Common Sometimes singing about real life situations as opposed to the drama of celebrity or gangster life is a path worth following. There’s nothing too common here - Just some real music with real passion for real people. He is a Chicago rap artist with an interesting perspective on life and his craft.

Endtroducing... - DJ Shadow With the Outsider being a mess of an album, its always fun to listen to the original work that put him on the map. Shadow’s original effort is certainly putting his best foot forward.

Thunder, Lightning, Strike - The Go! Team Give this one a spin for some “A-team” theme song fun. It brings back fond memories of the wonder years, high school pep rallies and summer vacations. The power is on with this high-energy import from the UK.

Up In Flames (Bonus Version) - Caribou Sit back, relax and loose yourself in the vast layers of sounds. Each tone, bell, and ping is precisely timed and placed into a well thought out sequence. It’s like listening to sea of melodic bijoux.

The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld - The Orb From one of the authorities of ambient pop music, this album will take you around the backside of the moon and fling you into the cosmos. I usually give this album a spin when I feel I need to reset my perspective.

Together We're Heavy - The Polyphonic Spree From the likes of Tripping Daisy was born this Texas caravan, with references to the elements in practically every song. This is more than a one-man show; it’s an army of robe wearing nature lovers.