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2924 W. Wilson, Chicago, Illinois
  • HERS/Energy Star 5+
  • 3-Star Chicago Green Home Certification

This residence represents an unprecedented culmination of green technology and luxury finishes built in the traditional style of historic Ravenswood Manor. The most dramatic architectural feature is the thermal chimney located in the center of the house that reaches upward to the underside of the roof. Two perpendicular bridges cross the 2 ½ story vertical shaft, allowing natural airflow to rise up to a bank of ten remotely controlled windows that let hot air flow out of the house, pulling in cooler air from lower floor windows.

Key elements of the project include coordinated deconstruction of the existing home, resulting in a 80% salvage rate of materials. Reclaimed oak floorboards were saved from the previous house, restored and refinished. Existing stained glass were reused in the living room, while others were integrated into the built-in bookshelf situated between the kitchen and family room.

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  • Coordinated deconstruction of the existing home, resulting in an 80% salvage rate of materials.
  • High efficiency zoned HVAC system with air-to-air heat exchanger
  • Reclaimed oak flooring and stained glass windows
  • Rain barrel system for landscape watering
  • Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) foundation
  • Natural ventilation system
  • Green roof on the garage
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Solar thermal panels
  • Solatube skylights
  • Energy monitoring