Minimalist Home Design  |  Evanston, IL

This home was designed as a minimalist sanctuary for a small, professional family. The key space in the design is a centrally located, sparsely furnished two-story living space. The exposed steel stairwell is supported on one side by a rough masonry wall, but is otherwise floating around two complete sides of glass and a glass roof. Around noon, sunlight grazes the brickwork to create an dynamic pattern of light and shadow. 

The majority of the first floor doors are concealed to provide the appearance of an open, flowing space. The ‘door’ connecting the client’s office to the great space is actually an operable, vertically oriented, wall mounted garage door, complete with an exposed motor drive – the door panels are translucent panels, which simultaneously provide a sense of enclosure and a connection into the adjacent space.


High efficiency HVAC zoned systems

Cement fiberboard panel siding

HRV air-to-air heat exchangers

Solar thermal panels

Zoned radiant floors

Foam insulation

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