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Northfield, IL

A devastating flood in 2008 essentially destroyed a mid-century modern home which was located on a site that was designated a flood plane after the original home was built. To be able to build a new home back, the house had to be raised above the flood plane level, with no basement. A 'flow through' foundation was used, one that allows water to travel under the insulated raised first floor structure.

In lieu of the previous home's 1950's ranch design, the new design was to be a Cape Cod. The only items that survived the flood were the swimming pool and a two story addition that was built prior to the flood.

Key design elements include the use of Harmon pivot hinged doors which, when closed give the first floor a completely open feel, but when closed acoustically separate the various rooms and the second floor library, which features an arched ceiling that aligns with the prominent circle top window that is located over the front entry. A generous screened porch provides the perfect transition from the pool and yard into the house.

  • Nine panel solar thermal system - provides space heat in the winter and pool heating in the summer
  • Reused key plumbing fixtures and lighting existing home
  • High efficiency radiant floor system on first floor
  • Natural daylighting and ventilation throughout
  • Natural ventilation tower at second floor
  • Closed cell foam perimeter insulation
  • Rebuilt home on existing foundation
  • Cement fiberboard siding
  • Energy Star appliances
  • Whole house fan